h.-2 數位之殤(與凍結影像) DIGITAL TRAUMA (and the Crystal Image)

DIGITAL TRAUMA (and the Crystal Image)

Single-channel video, 8'04"

西班牙 1979年生於西班牙,現於荷蘭阿姆斯特丹生活及工作
Spain 1979 born in Spain, now living and working in Amsterdam, Netherlands



The artwork, Digital Trauma (And the Crystal Image), by the Spanish artist Maria employs a female head to experience the grieves shared in Bosnia, from wars, children in war, concentration camp, the Siege of Mostar, Srebrenica Massacre, nuns, to rapes. Using Google Search Engine as the reference in the work, Maria covers the female head with the graphs found on the Internet in stripes like the agonies that are opaque and poignant, as it goes through the pains and suffering over and over again in each search.

The work of Maria probes into the relationships among man, technological entities, and nature, so as to contemplate how the omnipresent digital technology has reshaped our narratives of the past and of the future. The work interweaves different axes of time and systems of memory, appropriates the methodology and tools employed in metafiction, and guides the thinking over the blurry subjective border between the work and reality in order to consciously investigate the virtuality of the work itself in an organized manner.