W 分解完形 A Process To Incomplete a Complete Body

A Process To Incomplete a Complete Body

Single-channel video, 10'00"

希臘 1975年生於希臘帕特雷,現於希臘生活及工作
Greece 1975 born in Patra, Greece, now living and working in Greece



The work A Process To Incomplete a Complete Body by the Greek artist Makis Kyriakopoulos focuses primarily the holistic and organically distributed narrative formed by the mutual pulse of each minute part. The artwork should be recognized as an open system for all beings to naturally live and die and continue to interact with each other.

It is essentially the allocation of a set of fast-changing fragments of memory and dream, a transitional process from an organic being to nonexistence as well as the deconstruction and disorder in between. Such process is also the very gene to creating this work, welcoming each variant in variation and openness, a virtualized DNA that constructs an imagination.