L Web Roulette

Web Roulette

Web application, dimension variable
CHENG Hsien-Yu

台灣 1984年生於台灣高雄,現於台北生活及工作
Taiwan 1984 born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, now living and working in Taipei

《Web Roulette》為藝術家鄭先喻2018年的全新製作。作品為特製搜尋引擎,在輸入搜尋關鍵字後隨即彈出搜尋結果視窗,但搜尋結果清單會不斷無限快速向下滑動旋轉至使用者按下停止鈕,網頁自動跳轉至停留於紅色區塊的網路連結。使用者無法自行選取希望前往的網頁資料,必須藉由按下停止鍵去停止不斷滑動的清單。試圖去除使用者的選擇權,並且提供不確定的搜尋結果頁面,用賭博遊戲的方式打亂搜尋引擎的結果排序。

Web Roulette is a new artwork by artist Cheng Hsien-Yu in 2018. The artwork is a specially-made search engine. After the keyword is keyed-in, a search result window will pop out. Yet, the list of search result will rapidly scrolling down ceaselessly until the user press the stop button, and the webpage will jump to the link that stays in the red zone. The user cannot select the webpage he/she would like to visit at will, and can only press stop button to halt the scrolling list. It is an attempt to remove the right to choose from the user, and offer a page of search result of uncertainty instead, scrambling the result ordering of the search engine via gambling approach.