X-1 雲氣平衡 Vapor Equilibrium

Vapor Equilibrium

Single-channel video, 19'12"
CHEN Chen-Yu

台灣 1984年生於台灣台北,現於台北生活及工作
Taiwan 1984 born in Taipei, Taiwan, now living and working in Taipei




Vapor Equilibrium is a single-channel video work. Through the form of video essay, it writes about the contemporary society’s desire in image production, the faith in cloud computation, as well as the mutual infiltration and construction of image and social space. The film employs a semi-fictional narrative, using the cloud concept of meteorology to deconstruct all kinds of social trends in politics, industry, and entertainment. The phenomena on social media, entertainment industry, selfie culture, cloud storage, the rare mineral required by the electronic industry, and air pollution are assembled as a complicated narrative that echo, support, or refute each other.

As immense images are produced, copied, and uploaded to form overloaded clouds and the digital space pursues a total visibility, the increasing smog due to industrial development – the particulates in the atmosphere – are like the pixels uploaded to the cloud, occupying the physical space to form an opaque gray curtain. In a poetic tone, the video portrays this omnipresent cloud with full visibility: “All of sudden, the cloud is everywhere.” The punned voice-over suggests the ascension and descension of the industrial cloud, like the data in the cloud, besieging the living space in haste and catching people unprepared.

Amidst the chaos where image data, man, and environment infiltrate and proliferate each other, amidst the reality woven by technology and sensibility, the beings that were solid and firm no longer exist, whereas what the contemporary living space manifests is an uncertainty in all sorts of flowing. The liquid modernity is hereby ascends into gaseous state.