H 名字嗎?我有很多個(後台) My name? I have a lot of names (Backstage)

My name? I have a lot of names (Backstage)

2018,單頻錄像 ,12分00秒
Single-channel video, 12'00"
WU Sih-Chin

台灣 1985年生於台灣台南,現於台北生活及工作
Taiwan 1985 born in Tainan, Taiwan, now living and working in Taipei



My name? I have a lot of names (Backstage) is derivative work from the work My name? I have a lot of names created on-site at Dawu Township in May 2018 by artist Wu Sih-Chin. In the original work, it is said among the indigenous tribes there was “Ta'ay” (the Little Black people) that went extinct. The work was installed on the hill by the Daniao River in Dawu Township, where a set of outdoor installation is situated at the location the local elders claimed “Ta’ay” once stayed. The installation works with cellphone to create an augmented reality. The audience will pick up one entity of Ta’ay on mobile devices. The existence of this Ta’ay is the aggregation of oral history, documents, and information online, who will interpret the borderlines between legends, virtuality, and physical reality on first person basis.

As for My name? I have a lot of names (Backstage) exhibited at Hong-Gah Museum this time is a display of the operation of the background technology behind the scenes. The “background” here refers to the methodology to generate the Ta’ay. Be it the Ta’ay told among the indigenous people or the Ta’ay in the AR, both requires specific technical conditions and channel to access. The artist suggested that the channel is “language”. Whether it is the spells to communicate with deities or the programming language to talk with computer, they are abstract tools hidden beneath to form the consciousness or entity, with which we tape into the reality constructed in faith or virtuality.