D 戀物癖指 Fetish Finger

Fetish Finger

Single-channel video, 6'16"
Susanna FLOCK

奧地利 1988年生於奧地利,現於維也納生活及工作
Austria 1988 born in Graz, Austria, now living and working in Vienna



Fetish Finger consists of several experimental image clips and investigates the variation and complexity of tactile sense brought by the digital medium and its derivative – screen. People’s need for the sense of touch, instead of decreasing, would sometimes increase after objects go through the processes of digitalization and dematerialization. Meanwhile, like the medium between the material and images, images in between are like the connections between initiative and passive.

The footages in the work are adapted from the 3D animations, photographs, video clips about “food diary” uploaded by diverse publishers onto the social media or YouTube. Apart from the discussions on some gestures and movements in the video, when we read the work, it is, to some extent, like when we read webpages the other day, generating narratives at the moment of reading. When we scroll down with fingers, an opinion made of information comes into being from top to down with the movement of the fingers.